Nim Telcontar is a my name in the our language.  There are very few of us in this world now who still speak Sindarin.

The history of my people can be traced back to the second age of the world; a world of that now exists in myths, legends and stories.

The blood of Númenor still flows in my veins and I follow in the line of the Telcontari.  I am the holder of the symbols of my house that have been passed down over the millennium and entrusted to the chosen.

I have love of all things livings and see beauty in every life.  I admire honesty, loyalty, generosity and love.  I share a deep desire to better the world and help others.

  1. I do not speak your language with any fluency but I enjoy the spirit of your words. Live long and…..*nope* … May the fleas of a thousand camels ….*still nope* …. Oh well, Haere mai, Haere mai, Haere mai a bloggasphere!

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