Year in Review – 2013

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

WOW.  What a year has it been.  As I take stock and review the past year here are some of the things that I accomplished that I am proud of.

This has been the most difficult year for me personally in terms of my health.  My health and fitness level have been steadily declining with reduction of my Kidney function.  Feelings of fatigue and nausea have been constantly growing.  For the first time in 15 yeas, I had to pull out of work business trip while on the road. First time I have felt that unwell.  It has been difficult not being able to travel as I enjoy traveling as a part of my work.  I used to love the week out of the country to go and do things and be on the road, meet different people and tackle challenges.   However understanding my limitations has been challenging.  I have had to learn some lessons the hard way.  I have to rely more and more on others to accomplish things and this is a new experience for me as I am usually the point person.  Now I get to plan and get someone else to implement.

In terms of my health my biggest objective of the year was get through without having to start Dialysis.  In this I have succeeded.  I was told that I would be on dialysis by Christmas 2012.  I managed to eat right, and stay well enough to put it for for a whole year.  That one extra year does mean a lot and probably my biggest achievement for the year.

My second task was to pass my network certification exam.  This was necessary in order to maintain my certified status for another 3 years.   This is something in which I take a great deal of pride and I was happy to pass the exams and put this out of my head for another 3 years.

I have been so fortunate this year to meet a wonderful group of women.   They are one of the most intelligent group and have shared some wonderful insights with me, despite gender differences.  I think for the first time in my life, I may actually understand women.  I am sure I am better person now that I was before.  I have made some friendships there that will last a lifetime.  I have some great fun as well as intellectual discussions.  I loved debating with a few of them and exchanging ideas.  Some have offered me some very valuable advice and have been there for me when I needed help.

Michael, my son continues to grow and develop in to a wonderful child.  He is very smart, loving, intelligent and affectionate.  He seems to be one of these kids that is very popular and that everyone knows.   He has got Daddy wound up around his finger at times…  But it has been so much fun.  It’s hard work raising a child but it’s also the most rewarding.

All though the year my wife Toni has been my pillar of strength.  She continues to be my rasion d’Etre.   Always supporting and taking care of me.  Our relationship has strengthened through the year and I am really lucky to have someone so wonderful as my partner.

I looking forwards to 2014 with hope in heart.  Its going me an other year filled with new challenges and I look forwards to it.

  1. Although you seem to have lost your grasp of English, I am proud and honored to have been a part of your new support group this year. Don’t worry about the English thing, you’ve crossed to the dark side and I’ve noticed that Apple technology likes to eat vocab., grammar and punctuation. It won’t be your fault. 😉

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