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Giving Thanks

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Giving Thanks


This is the time of the year to give thanks to all the things I am thankful for this year.  It’s the season to express thanks.


My first thanks goes out the higher power that has given me the strength to face my challenges.  My life is not perfect, its very challenging, every day is a struggle, but I come home to have a roof on my head, clothes on my body and have food and water on the table.   For these things I give thanks, because I know there are lot of people in the world who don’t even have these three basic necessities.   I have managed to rise each day to fulfill a purpose, and not been struck down with any terrible malady or tragedy which I know is part peoples life.  I have survived unscathed to wake up each day, for which I give thanks.

I give thanks to my family.  My wife and my son who love me unconditionally.   My wife whose face I see first in the morning when I get up and last thing at night when I go to sleep.  My day is not complete with a kiss and a hug from either of them.  The fact that I have their love in my life is why I give thanks.  I don’t think I could make it a day without them.  My wife has been constant source of support as a friend and lover through all my ups and down.  My son, well when I see him smile everything is all right in the my world, even if just for that moment.

I give thanks to my special friends.   They are truly the best friends that a guy could ask for.  Sammy who is fast becoming a very close friend to whom I can talk about anything.   Sasha who is always ready to hear my troubles and give me sane advise as well as a knock on the head when it’s deserved.  To Edie & Liz who are two of very wise ladies who have never steered me wrong.  Smile & Colleen who always makes me laugh and Wattle who always inspires me and fills me with hope.   I also have two very special ladies who I am proud to call my little sisters,  Steph & Ann.   They are always there for me when I need them.  I hope I do the same of them.

I am thankful to my boss Matt who creates a wonderful work environment and the wonderful colleagues within my team.  I know ours is thankless job, buy you guys and gal make it fun.  I look forward to coming to work each day thanks to such a great team around me.  We work hard and play hard and we always deliver J

I must also thank all the wonderful writers who keep writing such wonderful stories that provide me with hours of enjoyment.  The fact that they do it to pursue their passion without expectation of a reward.  The amount of the times, my day has not been going right, I come home in the evening and I read an update to story and all of sudden, everything seems a lot better somehow.  They have the ability to lift people out of their gloom with their prose and poetry. 

Finally, the last word of thanks go the special people at the Renal unit in Portsmouth.   Ana Morgan & Dr. Tim Leach have been incredibly helpful and supporting in helping me cope with my medical condition and providing me the best care.